I was commisioned by Riccardo Ciunci, an italian copywriter who specialize in humorous copyad, to do a series of lettering of his copyads for The Comfortable Pigs, a sort of funny blog in which every day he writes funny heads (wordplays, etc).
Part of the requirement was to have the copyads in italian, because the "copy" plays with the italian language. The design direction was to be funny and playful. The result must be cheerful for the people who will read the ad.
Client: The Comfortable Pigs
Copywriter: Riccardo Ciunci
Art Direction and Illustration: Renor Curioso
Se ridere fa bene alla salute, con noi diverrete immortali.
If laughing is good for your health, with us you'll become immortal.
Non abbiamo mai amato le battute scontate. Per questo facciamo ridere gratis.
We never loved jokes on sale. This is why we make you laughing for free.
Noi non diciamo cazzate, le scriviamo.
We do not tell bullshit, we write them.
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